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Karen Stanley is originally from Ithaca, NY. She graduated from Boston University’s College of Fine Art in 2002 where her studies included theatrical design, production, and art history. Upon completing her degree program, she immersed herself in fine art masterpieces during her four-month journey through Eastern and Western Europe. It was in Barcelona, admiring the designs of Anton Gaudi, that she developed her strong interest in mosaic creation.

Soon after returning to the US, she relocated to the Binghamton area and began her formal study of mosaics. After several years displaying at local art and craft fairs, she realized that this passion was no mere hobby. She left behind her day job to establish her own work and gallery space. In January 2006 she opened Shard of Glass Studios, LLC, becoming a full time artist.

Ready gallery space allowed Stanley to constantly develop and showcase new work. In February 2009 Stanley moved her studio space in preparation for the arrival of her first child. Stanley now works from home in addition to her responsibilities as a full time mother. She still showcases her work with several local businesses and creates custom designs for her clients as requested.

Karen on her most recent trip to Paris in Sept 2007.

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